Embedding People & Businesses with DESIGN THINKING

Too often people get stuck with limited views of a situation or become apathetic to their work and what they have to offer, or people get caught up in situations which has them feeling stuck and discouraged to change their situation. Experiencing the Design Thinking Immersion workshop results in gained awareness of their current knowledge and skill set, along with realizations on their gained abilities to reflect and re-evaluate situations. Their transformed mindset increases their ability to become better leaders, see opportunities where there are challenges, see new ways to move forward, inspired to make change, find ways to collaborate, etc... They begin to discover so much more around them and what they can do, feeling more and more empowered with each to make a difference in their daily work and personal lives.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

We at MethodSquared help to empower people and businesses. Though coaching and immersion workshops we educate people in business and life to transform how they think and problem solve, widening their perspectives in order make better decisions and create relevant solutions which create more impact. Our service offering marries Design Thinking (People Needs/Values) with Business Needs/Values, which results in embedding people with invaluable “service design” skills and mindset to succeed in providing service to their place of employment, their own businesses, and their own personal lives; In turn empowering businesses with employees that can champion their business, coworkers, and clients.

Design Thinking as an empathy-based approach compared to traditional problem-solving

Cognitive Empathy
Design Thinking
Service Design

Design Thinking

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In order to help you grow you and/or your business, we can assist you in in the following areas:
Organizational Consultant
Have a pesky challenge or two within your organization that seems too elusive or complicated to solve? Let us help you discover and diagnose the root causeof the challenges, along with both the people and business needs. We believe in co-creation, thus we'll engage, inspire, and empower you and your team(s) to innovate and own the relevant & useful, people-business focused solutions.
Design Thinking Workshops
We teach you HOW to think and meet challenges to find opportunities, instead of the traditional telling you what to think. Our educational workshops are immersive hands-on experiences where Design Thinking methodologies are learned and embedded, creating personal shifts and transformation of perspectives while you gain numerous skills through the activities experienced. By actively 'Doing' the learning, you become more engaged, inspired, and empowered to conquer life.
Perspective Coaching
Sometimes we get stuck in our perspectives, and need a neutral person to be a sounding board. Let us guide you one-on-one through the design thinking framework to discover different perspectives which can empower you to engage and inspire growth in yourself, both personally and professionally.
Co-Creative Solution & Implementation
Soft Skills + Leadership Building
Transforming Perspectives


We love what we do.

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Kai Chu
Kai Chu

Design Thinking Coach, Organizational Consultant. Design Consultant.

Design Thinker, Change Maker, always Passionate with developing Leaders and Empowering People & Businesses for engagement and growth.


Co-Creator - Collaborator

It's amazing to see what a team of people who care can do, innovate solutions for complex people and process challenges when they have the right tools teamed with their transformed Design Thinking mindset.

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