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Cultivating mindsets and shifting perspectives through immersive learning experiences empowers people to do things differently with increased agility and resiliency. Incremental changes begin within each person, collectively contributing towards the transformation of the whole.

Kaishin Chu

Design Strategist | facilitator | coach

I am an empathic, purpose-driven problem-solver and change-maker.

I help people and organizations navigate change and complex challenges and help build clarity for their next steps in accelerating meaningful transformation.

Design Thinking-Doing | Hands-On Training | Mindset & Behaviours

How I can help...

This is just a sample of services I provide. Each client and situation is unique, I will provide an assessment to make recommendations of services that will serve to improve your situation and create meaningful impact.


People & organizations I've had the pleasure of partnering to co-creating with:

Client Testimonials

Kai is a dedicated, talented and generous service designer and facilitator. I had the pleasure of learning from her during the 2019 Global Service Design Jam in Vancouver, which she organized and led. Her warmth and infectious energy made the design sprint fun and engaging. She approaches any subject with curiosity and establishes a genuine connection with anyone she encounters. I look forward to implementing what I’ve learned from Kai in my own practice and look forward to collaborating with her again in the future.

George Damian, CFA Creative Strategist

I have worked with her on three separate occasions – participating and co-leading design-thinking learning experiences with 48-hour deadlines to produce high quality prototypes and user-tested services. Kai is a thought-leader in the world of service design thinking. Her work has contributed to me in several ways – specifically: 1. Giving me a greater sense of myself as a leader in the world of design-thinking and business model generation 2. Creating a community and network of people who support one another in our creativity and leadership – of which I am a part. 3. Teaching me valuable frameworks, tools, skills to build my ability to better serve my clients. Kai brings the expertise and leadership to harness the collective creativity of groups, in an unbelievable timeline, producing significant, powerful answers to the wicked problems and challenges of our 21st century society. Most of all – Kai is out to make a difference. She is a purpose-led, high integrity individual, creating a world in which design thinking is available to those who most need it, and use it, to make the world work for everyone.

Joe Bickson Future Hacking Consultant | Bickson2

My experience with the host, Kaishin has been life-changing. Kai is the main facilitator of the workshop. She along with other volunteers have created a fun, non-judgemental, informative yet inspiring environment for us to fully emerge into a weeklong design jam. Kai is resourceful in the area of Service Design and Design Thinking process. She and her team constantly stimulate us into thinking deeper and wider, as well as providing constructive feedback. On top of that, her material is well crafted and intuitive, enabling a seamless learning experience. I have taken away so much from the workshop thanks to Kai and her team. The experience enabled me to be a better Design Thinking practitioner and provided with heaps of new tools to utilize in my personal project. I would highly recommend Kai to anybody who is looking for Service Designer, mentor, workshop facilitator or collaborative leadership instigator. Her expertise and quick wit will transform your organization, and better yet your life definitely!

Deacon Poon HR Specialist + UX Developer

I got to know Kaishin as an outstanding mentor and workshop facilitator when she was teaching Design Thinking as part of the Innovating for Employment Success program at MOSAIC. She is very creative, innovative and inspirational. I learned a lot from her – not only the Design Thinking methodology itself but how to implement it and find innovative solutions for real life problems using a business case provided by a sponsor company. Her patience and tremendous support helped my team to complete our project successfully in a very short amount of time while learning by doing. I would recommend Kaishin to anyone who is interested in Design Thinking and innovation.

Olga Mikova Business Intelligence Data Analyst

The series of templates/worksheets demonstrated [within the Service Design Jam], Kai had a depth of knowledge about service design that was really just being touched upon during the Jam. I was impressed by them... I was also impressed with how Kai had certain time markers she was aiming for, but would adjust and shift the activities and schedule to meet the needs of the group - effectively 'dancing with time.'

Nacho Monzon User Experience Consultant

Let's find out what's beneath the surface and get to the core of the challenges.

I’m ready to roll my sleeves up and jump in with you to co-create and design a clear path forward, discover the unknown then shift from knowing to intentional doing with purpose and impact. Let’s get you thriving forward together.

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