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Organizational Service Design, Development & Coaching

I began my career designing and developing high-performance apparel products while assisting in the broader needs of the companies I’ve worked for, such as organizational development, change management and culture cultivation. Due to developing a broad set of skills and interests, it was a natural transition for me to move towards solving challenges within in-house systems, employee experience, business processes, as well as customer and vendor experiences. This broader scope of work is known as Service & Organizational Design. For the last few years, I began designing and delivering immersive innovative thinking workshops and come to discover a talent for coaching as it elevated my clients/students’ learning to be holistic and life-changing. By the way, I recently graduated from UBC as a certified Organizational Coach (Dec 2021)! After having been a coach-approach designer and facilitator, I decided to finally get formally trained in both individual and team/group coaching while working with an organizational-wide focus, combining my expertise in Service Design to help create better impact and sustainable transformations.

My tried and tested design process (taught and coached over 200+ clients) involves gathering multifaceted input, analyzing the information, exploration, collaborating to strategize a plan, then providing hands-on implementation and coaching that fully satisfies the original goals all while engaging and empowering the users by providing them with a personally relevant and transformative experience.

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