I highly recommend watching a documentary on Netflix, The Creative Brain. For those of you who are an advocate for adoption of a Design Thinking mindset/process and/or consider yourself a creative thinker, you will appreciate this documentary. Great to share and invoke thoughts with others on how they perceive creativity and the holistic benefits it brings to every individual. It’s got me thinking about how might I bring my experiential learning design thinking workshops into grade schools locally or how might I appeal to parents to gift their children with Design Thinking skills early on in life, and gain the valuable skills of deeper empathy and holistic problem solving mindset which equates to increased skills in engagement, reasoning, resourcefulness and adaptability; past clients of mine reiterate to me on just how much these skills increase and shift of mindset has empowered them and has/will transform their lives and their outlook on life. It’s simply amazing.

The Creative Brain: https://creativebrainmovie.com/
View via Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/ca/title/81090128

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