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Coaching & Mentoring for Individuals

Cultivating self and others awareness, guide new perspectives to help you move past struggles, feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I like to call what we’ll work together on, Self Leadership or Self Mastery. Each client experience is unique, what effort you put into impacts your experience and progress. 

Here is a list of what clients have experienced working with me:

  • Gain a safe space and unbiased thinking partner to explore what truly matters to you
  • Help to make sense of complex emotions, better understand feelings of overwhelm, feeling stuck or indecisiveness
  • Gain clarity of issues
  • Challenge you with powerful questions
  • Gain understanding of what is important to me and what motivates me
  • Explore and understand what is holding me back
  • Gain further insight into who you are now, your strengths, capabilities and potential
  • Receive resources and do the homework needed to aid in your exploration and growth
  • Receive encouragement and support
  • Help to define goals
  • Help to identify action and next steps
  • Help keep you accountable for your goals

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My practice focuses on partnering with my clients to help increase capacities needed to fuel your transformational growth.

Areas of lived experience/expertise to help you maximize your potential and transform.

  • Self Leadership/Mastery
  • Collaborative Leadership 
  • Engaged Empathy (3 types: Affective, Cognitive, and Compassion)
  • Mind & Body Well-being – Mindfulness, Gratitude, Holistic Self Care
  • Honoring self, being more present to self and others
  • Psychological Safety for deepened truth to surface
  • Trauma-informed (awareness of the effects and healing)
  • Creative Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal and Intercultural Intelligence

Client Testimonials

Michael Smits Design Strategist | Startup Consultant, Mentor, Coach| Founder

For me, Kai has been the perfect coach. With the right probing questions and thoughts while creating a safe and comfortable space to have a creative dialogue, she brought me further in my awareness and guided me to the clarity I needed to create the next steps that would also hold me accountable for my own work in my desired growth process. It has been super powerful and I'd highly recommend it.

Ro Fernandez Founder • Strategist • Product & Neuromarketing Lead • Collaboration & Productivity Expert

Kai is the kind of person I would always like to talk to. - You will feel comfortable talking to her about anything (no matter how hard that memory or problem is) and you will realize that she really wants to help. As I am talking with her, I know that she will come up with an exercise or a metaphor that will help me uncover the unexpected. I love her approach! She is actively listening and helping you find your own path. I think she is the type of coach you want in your life.

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