Coaching for Individual Clients

Cultivating self and others awareness, guide new perspectives to help you move past struggles, feeling stuck and overwhelmed. I like to call what we’ll work together on, Self Leadership. Your efforts in the coaching sessions and post sessions will facilitate your growth through new thoughts, feelings and behaviours. You will be empowered to become more of your authentic self, being better able to recognize your adaptability and resilience through your ability for self-leadership.

What is Coaching? < click on link to explore

My practice focuses on working collaboratively with clients to increase capacity for:

  • Self Leadership – Internal
  • Collaborative Leadership – external
  • Engaged Empathy (3 types: Affective, Cognitive, and Compassion)
  • Mind & Body Well-being – Mindfulness, Gratitude, Holistic Rest
  • Psychological Safety for deepened truth to arise
  • Trauma-informed leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Cultural Intelligence

I offer two types of Coaching: Pure Coaching and Coach-Approach Mentoring.

Holistic (Pure Form) Coaching

Ideal when the Client has some awareness and self-leadership skills developed and can be guided in the thought process to discover new insights and gain awareness in perspective and mind & body responses (mental, physical and emotional). The sessions are non-directive, in that I do not give advice or do the important thinking for you. I work hard to help you arrive at the discoveries on your own, empowering you with ownership of your own learning and growth.

Coach-Approach Mentoring

This is beneficial for situations where the client doesn’t know where to begin, “one can’t possibly know what one doesn’t know until you discovered it what that is. Then you can shift from not knowing to knowing and doing something about it.” Once you begin your journey with self leadership in awareness of thought, emotions and behaviour, you’re primed for coaching sessions, where you get to the work, live learning.

An example I have to share relating to discovering what I didn’t know and couldn’t possibly have discovered without the use of self-leadership coaching: