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2.5 days Design Jams/Sprints

What did you think of the service jam?

I’m a HCI student and I stumble upon the Service Design Jam on Eventbrite while looking for a design thinking workshop. The Service Design Jam is an intensive, two and a half day workshop in which the participants will solve a real-world problem using the service design process. We started with a simple theme, which later materialized into problem statement by using various methodologies and tools. Throughout the weekend, we got our hands dirty with user research on the field, defining the problem, ideas generation, rapid prototyping, business model formulation, and testing. Ultimately, we showed our prototype in front of everybody and gave constructive critique feedback to each group’s design. My experience with the host, Kaishin has been life-changing. Kai is the main facilitator of the workshop. She along with other volunteers have created a fun, non-judgemental, informative yet inspiring environment for us to fully emerge into a weeklong design jam. Kai is resourceful in the area of Service Design and Design Thinking process. She and her team constantly stimulate us into thinking deeper and wider, as well as providing constructive feedback. On top of that, her material is well crafted and intuitive, enabling a seamless learning experience. I have taken away so much from the workshop thanks to Kai and her team. The experience enabled me to be a better Design Thinking practitioner and provided with heaps of new tools to utilize in my personal project. I would highly recommend Kai to anybody who is looking for Service Designer, mentor, workshop facilitator or collaborative leadership instigator. Her expertise and quick wit will transform your organization, and better yet your life definitely!

Deacon Poon – Recruiter, Consultant
Vancouver Service Jam 2019

Kai introduced some great worksheets and methodologies. More than the BMC and Value Prop, I enjoyed her thoughts on prototyping multiple ideas and personas [user groups].

Kai is a dedicated, talented and generous service designer and facilitator. I had the pleasure of learning from her during the 2019 Global Service Design Jam in Vancouver, which she organized and led. Her warmth and infectious energy made the design sprint fun and engaging. She approaches any subject with curiosity and establishes a genuine connection with anyone she encounters. I look forward to implementing what I’ve learned from Kai in my own practice and look forward to collaborating with her again in the future.

George Damian – Creative Strategist, CFA
Vancouver Service Jam 2019

The series of templates/worksheets demonstrated Kai had a depth of knowledge about service design that was really just being touched upon during the Jam. I was impressed by them…

I was also impressed with how Kai had certain time markers she was aiming for, but would adjust and shift the activities and schedule to meet the needs of the group – effectively ‘dancing with time.’

Nacho Monzon – User Experience Consultant
2019 Vancouver Service Jam

Would you likely recommend the 2.5 days Jam to a friend or colleague and why?

I would recommend it to other designers, people interested in a new experience with the stipulation that it will be really tough yet worth it!!

Definitely recommend. After spending months doing design work “in theory” in a classroom, it was so educational and meaningful to do it FOR REAL. I’m excited to bring back the process and strategies that I learned and apply them to the design pieces that I’m working on for my portfolio.

Very likely, for folks that are interested in learning more about design thinking, and service design, I don’t know if there’s a better way than to jump into the deep end through the global service jam. the sense of camaraderie across the world was also great!

Extremely likely. There aren’t many better ways to do it, as long as you don’t mind losing most of a weekend. It helps open peoples’ minds to design thinking in general, so it has wide potential benefits. I saw so many people discover a creative side they never knew they had, and that’s probably the biggest thing to praise of all, that this event gives people that kind of opportunity.

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