Our validated custom design process or framework fosters and nurtures Design Thinking throughout the whole problem solving process to create impactful, desirable, and efficient solutions for organizations and its people.

We employ the following tools in addition to the basic Service Design toolkit to ensure alignment in the needs and values of both the business and all it’s users. This helps to bolster sustainability of the solutions as well as allowing for evolution as the business and people needs change/grow:

Business Model Canvas
Value Proposition Canvas
Service Experience Journey Mapping
Defining User Groups

Video Links:
What is Service Design? https://youtu.be/BeEUemtdoJQ
What Can Service Design Do For Your Company? https://youtu.be/VQHlZVKqWL0
Service Design Thinking https://youtu.be/it_bBXonabA
Design Thinking: Empathy Based Prototyping https://youtu.be/d_n2QEf-WiU

Service Design / Design Thinking Tools: https://methodsquared.co/resources-2/