At our bi-monthly to monthly meetups, we often plan for Show’n Tell/THink Cafe events for our members to contribute and share something they’re interested in, whether what they’re working on, or have done. It’s a great way to get some #DesignThinkers to add to your ideas or solutions when you need it, or it can act as a use case study with live discussion.We all have knowledge to share, are experts in what we do, and sharing the collective knowledge together often sparks new insights and ideas.

The format is:
15 mins presentation that involves the audience, interactive, hands-on
15 mins critique / open discussion
Information on doing a Show’n Tell to receive critiques or host a THiNK Cafe topic to facilitate discussion:

Gain experience in presenting your work or topic at any stage in a supportive, peer review setting. If you wish to present to the group, please register ahead by contacting anyone from the leadership team .

Share by showing a project or problem statement you are working on or interested in, what worked, what didn’t, what were the challenges, and the big learnings in a round table format. The mandate is that what you show is interactive for the audience to get involved, to step in and understand the topic you are presenting. We stress Showing & Doing instead of the traditional Talk/Listen, then go home.

Critiquing is a skill, if you do not have any prior experience providing design critique, please read We facilitate to ensure open and safe dialogue, everyone at the table is given equal preference to comment and share. We foster the process of commenting with asking audience to think during the interactive presentation, “what do I like/agree with or dislike or disagree with” teamed with “why is that? and the reason behind this thought.” It often helps audiences to be more aware and discerning with their own thoughts/judgements, thus providing more meaningful thoughts and reviews.

What to expect: Presenter will ‘show’ the work/topic in an interactive manner, and ask meaningful questions to receive constructive commentary in a Round Table format, where facilitators ensure everyone gets equal opportunity to speak from their observations and expertise with better discernment instead of judgement.

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