We are seeking a Venue Sponsor – Might it be you? #GovJamVan

Due to this global jam running during the weekdays, we’re running into some logistical issues with securing our regular venue sponsor for space that’s available for use for two full days during the week, on June 10 – 11th. 

If you or know anyone that might have a space that would be suitable and would be open to sponsoring the use of the space, please get in contact with Kai @ 778.235.9366 for more information.

What type of space do we need?
A large open room with plenty of wall or window space for collaborative brainstorming and concept design activities. Needs to fit approx 16-25 ppl. along with 6-10 work tables, our guess it would be around 800-1000 sq ft. Additional space for teams to break out and run prototyping scenarios would be a bonus.

Equipment needed:

  • Chairs for 16-25 ppl, 6-10 Med-Large Tables that fit 3-6 to work at
  • Ideally have projector and screen/wall, and audio hookups.

What being a venue sponsor provide in trade?
WIthout saying, you’d get our and the attendees’ deep gratitude and be part of an amazing experience, as well as mentions via our online channels:

Facebook Page, event page, group posts; Eventbrite event page; Website listing as our venue sponsor; Twitter sphere with Service Design Vancouver, Innov8, and attendees; Instagram location checkins and photos.

Here are some photos showing the space we’ve used for the last two Service Design Jams weekend events at Emily Carr (ECUAD):


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