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We Jammed and We Innovated!

    We got through our first ever Global GovJam with smiles and two plausible public service concepts that we all wished were real! Of course there were a few small hiccups along the way, from planning logistics to participants not being able to commit to both days last minute, which meant some teammates were left solo at times, but everyone collaborated and worked to help one another out… it was really quite wonderful to see and experience as a host and facilitator, that the spirit of co-creation and collaboration came through strong.

    Kudos to the participants who worked through the hiccups and totally shined btw!


    Here is a link to some photos we’ve captured throughout the two days, on our Facebook Innov8 Collective Page, and to see the service concept design process and validations, check out the projects here.

    Over the next week, hopefully our volunteer videographer will get the chance to share the videos he captured for us, of our two teams’ final presentation of their service concept, and the final skit to show us how the service layers work. We’ll keep you posted here and on the FB Page.

    So with the GovJam completed, we have one more public design jam event for the year, and that would be the Global Sustainability Jam, taking place at the end of October and beginning of November, over the weekend.

    We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you sponsors again, for supporting our efforts and our passion in engaging with  folks who want make the world we live in a better place, inspiring them with the possibilities to do so, and by empowering them with the know-hows and tools to become better innovators to take action…

    First off, thank you to The Network Hub for providing us with a wonderful facility space for two whole work days, along with equipment and hosting supplies. Second, thank you for OpenRoad jumping in early on with offers to sponsor the cost of snacks and refreshments, as well as materials needed for basic prototyping, oh, and for supplying two volunteers to help out pre and post jam, while they participated in the jam as ell. Most grateful for your support, in the event, as well as advocating the value of service design!

    Should you be interested in being kept posted on our monthly meetups or the jams, we welcome you to join us over on our FB Page or our FB Group, where we stay in communication with one another, sharing questions and insights on service or experience design and anything else relatable. For inquiries about bringing a design-thinking brainstorming workshop to your office or school to help build better innovators, feel free to contact us here or on FB Innov8Collective by a direct message

    For those who are reading or hearing about Global Jams for the first time:

    An annual global service design jam event that aims advocate, educate and engage with both professionals and the public on the value of facilitated collaborative design innovation.

    Watch the video below get better indepth understading, upto the 8:30 mark to learn about what the event is about, and hear Adam (one of the founders of the Global Jam events) iterate the value of jams, the events create Innovators armed with new tools, attitudes, and, context to create better change.