Our Design Thinking workshop will help you develop practical and innovative solutions for your problems. Design Thinking is an empathy-based approach compared to traditional problem-solving, where
we use a human-focused, prototype-driven process for innovation. This method teaches you how to innovate and how to make out-of-the-box thinking a regular practice for your team.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Create innovative solutions that better meet your users needs and bring a competitive advantage
  • Develop a culture of innovation in your team that breaks the silos and embraces empathy and co-creation
  • Learn about Business Models Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas and Service Design methodology
  • Reduce risks in projects using a collaborative and iterative approach
  • Design-Thinking enables you to continuously expand your knowledge
  • Empower your people by further developing their soft skills for the workplace

What we deliver?
You will benefit from new approaches, new ideas, and new opportunities to add value to your business in a sustainable way.  Design Thinking can reward an organization by establishing and retaining engaged and highly specific user segments, from being service to your own employees all the way down to your end-users. Your teams will experience what is like to be more engaged, inspired, and empowered to create impactful solutions, getting past roadblocks faster, and grow as leaders.


MethodSquared helps to empower people and businesses. Our workshops and service offerings marries People Needs/Values with Business Needs/Values, which results in embedding people with invaluable “service design” skills and mindset to succeed in providing service to their place of employment, their own businesses, and their own personal lives; In turn empowering businesses with employees who can champion the brand.

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